"To more fully understand the colors that surround us we must engage an additional sense." - Thomas Ruby
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Introduction to Polisynth
A Polisynth takes a picture of something, and then translates that picture into a unique soundwave. As stated above, in order to fully understand the colors that surround us we must engage an additional sense. A Polisynth can be the gateway to your mindbrain, and can give you a good time doing it. Polisynth was first developed by Thomas Ruby in 1987. After having passed away in 2006, Salisbury's son, Jamie, continued his father's work. As a company we stand by the Polisynth and we stand by the Rubaic principles of Oneness, Honor, and Good Times.

A community of sharing
Their does exist a community of people who own one of Ruby's Polisynths. Is it as simple as that, though? No. Thanks to communication advances the Polisynth community can readily share images, sounds, and brainwaves."The spark to take a picture begins in the MIND, and funny enough, ends in the MIND..."

- Thomas Ruby
Remember that the spark to take a picture begins in the MIND, and funny enough, ends in the MIND once a song is made. There are a lot of ways to play with a Polisynth - two people taking a picture of the same thing and then playing it, a gang of kids taking pictures of SLUSHIES and then making a harmonized song out of the soundwaves... This community allows us to share the joys and the frustrations with the Polisynth. A place to show your world and open your mind.

How can i join this community?
With a Polisynth in hand you are already a part of us and each other. With the advent of Facebook technology, you are also able to share the sounds that have opened your mind with all of your friends. Your friends will be able to unlock these waves with their own Polisynth and experience a moment in your world. For those who have reservations about Facebook, SMS and Email can and will provide adequate channels to send images from your library that you know to be gateways.

About our company and founder
Thomas Ruby founded the company Rubyjock in 1968 launching a synthesizer called Tunedrink. After developing products covering a wide range of applications, he passed away in 2006. His many designs were all noteworthy and he was described as a "potential award winner" in 1991. Rubyjock is now owned and managed by his nine children.


Set image source: Use the SOURCE switch in the upper right, switching between LIBRARY, CAMERA and FACEBOOK.

Source, Camera: Press the right FINDER button; the camera opens and readies. Press again to take photo: photo adds to the tray, saves to your library. Swipe down in viewfinder to cancel.

Source, Library: Press the right FINDER button; the LIBRARY picker appears. Select an image.

Source, Facebook: Press the right FINDER button; the FACEBOOK picker appears. Select a preset.

Scan Image: With photo placed in tray, press the left SCANNER button; the WAND reads the image; upon completion the photo is converted to a synth you can play.

Share Patch: Option 1. Tap image scanned image to see details. This also allows you to share it with your Facebook friends. Option 2. SMS the image to someone with Polisynth.Tip device FORWARDS or BACKWARDS to set DEPTH of modulation.

Pitch Bend: Use the pitch BEND wheel to tweak your note's pitch. (Only available on devices with 4" or higher display)

Octaves Tilt: Tip device LEFT or RIGHT to keyboard octave to: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2.

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